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Christmas Gifts for Cat Lovers

Christmas Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers, Cat Ladies, and Cat Parents

Looking for a perfect cat-themed or cat-related Christmas gift for a fellow cat lover or yourself? Choose from the below Christmas gifts list!

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Recommended cat products in this page – we might get a small commission if you choose to order through the links provided.

Ozzi Cat Magazine – Annual & Gift Subscription

Australian cat magazine - Ozzi Cat - subscription - cats

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Ugly Cat Christmas Sweaters and Sweatshirts

Ugly cat Christmas sweater - sweatshirt - Grumpy Cat - cat lady cat lover guide

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  1. Meowy Christmas Ugly Sweater – Sweatshirt – Xmas Gift
  2. Women’s Cat Xmas Sweater – Long Sleeve Jumper – Pullover – Ladies Knitwear
  3. Ugly Grumpy Cat Jinggle Hell Cat Ladies Christmas Costume Sweater

Cat Calendars 2016

Click a calendar cover to buy:

2016 Wall Calendar: Grumpy Cat: 2016 Bad Cat Wall Calendar A Cat in the Garden 2016 Wall Calendar Cat Page-A-Day Gallery Calendar Space Cats! 2016: 16-Month Calendar September 2015 Through December 2016 Kindred Cats Calendar Ginger Cats Calendar 2015: 16 Month Calendar Tuxedo Cats Calendar Burmese Cats Calendar 2016

Cat Colouring Books for Cat Lovers

Adult cat colouring books - Cat lovers gift - Christmas

Click to Buy – Adult Cat Colouring Books

Cat Books for Cat Lovers

Cat-Themed Christmas Things

Click a picture for a preview. Refresh the page to see more.

Books for Cat-Loving Kids

We recommend: “Warriors: Power of Three, Box Set”

Click a book cover to buy:

To Be a Cat Cat's Whiskers: Four Favourite Lynley Dodd Stories Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons Warriors: Power of Three Box Set: Volumes 1 to 6 (Warriors: Power of Three)

Cat Rescue

We recommend: Nathan Winograd “Overpopulation”

Read these books and send us your review. Click a book cover to buy:

Redemption: The Myth of Pet Overpopulation and the No Kill Revolution in America   Funds to the Rescue: 101 Fundraising Ideas for Humane and Animal Rescue Groups   Rescue Matters: How to Find, Foster, and Rehome Companion Animals: A Guide for Volunteers and Organizers

Cat Health, Behaviour, Training Books

We recommend:

Read these books and send us your review. Click a book cover to buy:

The Secret Life of Your Cat: The Visual Guide to All Your Cat's Behaviour Think Like a Cat: How to Raise a Well-Adjusted Cat - Not a Sour Puss Starting from Scratch: How to Correct Behavior Problems in Your Adult Cat Why Does My Cat Do That?: Answers to the 50 Questions Cat Lovers Ask (Why Does My..?) Do Cats Always Land on Their Feet?: 101 of the Most Perplexing Questions Answered about Feline Unfathomables, Medical Mysteries & Befuddling Behaviors How to Speak Cat: A Guide to Decoding Cat Language
Cat Training Is Easy!: How to Train a Cat, Solve Cat Behavior Problems and Teach Your Cat Tricks. The Behaviour of the Domestic Cat Cat Sense: The Feline Enigma Revealed Complete Cat Care Fit Cat: Tips and Tricks to Give Your Pet a Longer, Healthier, Happier Life

Catify – Make Cat-Friendly House:

Click a book cover to buy:

Keeping Your Indoor Cat Happy & Healthy Catify to Satisfy: Simple Solutions for Creating a Cat-Friendly Home

What is the Best Christmas Gift for a cat lover?

Share with us on our Facebook page. We can’t wait to see what you’ve got for yourself and cat-loving friends!

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