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Ozzi Cat Helps Cats In Need


Natalie Krotova, the Founder of Ozzi Cat has been helping and supporting cats in need her whole life. Since starting Ozzi Cat and Ozzi Cat Magazine, she organically applied her donation and philanthropy activities to her business. She continues helping cats locally and around the world in a loving memory of her special cat Manya. Since 2011 Ozzi Cat brand has been helping and supporting cats in need and the projects that improve and save cat lives.

Thanks to Ozzi Cat Magazine subscribers, and to the cat lovers who make a separate donation, Ozzi Cat’s donation fund grows with every sold magazine copy. We donate $1 from each sold magazine copy. Money help cat rescues, cats in need, and are used for special projects that save, protect, and improve cat lives.

Ozzi Cat’s monetary donations supported many cat rescue groups, including:

  • 2nd Chance Cat Rescue
  • Animal Alliance
  • Little Paws Kitten Rescue Association
  • Unweaned Kitten Rescue Network
  • Geelong Animal Welfare Society (GAWS)
  • Help Save The Furry Ones
  • Purrfect Match Cat Adoption Centre
  • Mini Kitty Commune
  • Nine lives, Four Paws Rescue
  • WildCats Rescue
  • Pets Haven Foundation
  • Mini Kitty Commune
  • Purrs of Point Cook
  • Robyn’s Nest & All The Rest Animal Rescue
  • Maneki Neko Cat Rescue
  • Ingrid’s Haven
  • Maneki Neko Cat Rescue
  • Canberra Cat Fix Project
  • Robyn’s Nest & All The Rest Animal Rescue
  • Abused Animals Rescue, a cat rescue group in Cairo, Egypt
  • Purrs of Point Cook
  • Cheltenham Cat Rescue
  • Rescue Cats Safe Haven
  • Peninsula Cat Rescue

Ozzi Cat supports cat-related causes, initiatives, special and special needs cats via monetary donations, volunteering, information support, passing over goods from our partners and cat lovers, and via other ways that help save and support cats in need. During our philanthropic activities we supported special and special needs cats and were in touch with many rescues and animal organisations, including:

  • Cat Cuddle Cafe (QLD) Donation for “Cat Colouring Night” fundrasing event.
  • Ingrid’s Haven Winter Warmer & Intensive Care Unit Appeal Donation for electric bed sheets to keep kittens and cats warm and for an upgrade of the cat intensive care unit (isolation area for sick cats). link
  • Second Chance Rescue (Victoria). Donation of goods for a fundrasing campaign.
  • SocialCatWork, international network for lost and rescue cats. Donation of ColourMeow.com‘s custom cat colouring pages for the fundrasing campaign.
  • Abused Animals Rescue (Cairo, Egypt), rescuer: Marina Malak, FB page. Donation for food and shelter for street cats.
  • Robyn’s Nest Animal Rescue Donation for an abused kitten Bridie’s recovery who had her leg amputated. link
  • Maneki Neko Cat Rescue Donation for a surgery for an abandoned cat Neo who has had a broken jaw for a number of weeks. link
  • Canberra Cat Fix Donation for a community desexing project in Canberra so people on low incomes can desex their cats. link
  • Geelong Animal Welfare Society (GAWS) Sponsoring a rescue rabbit pen
  • Meow Meow Cat Cafe & Pet Shop (Kuching The City of Cats, Borneo) Donation for street cats rescuers
  • Peter The Cat Donation towards his palate surgery to close the hole on his palate so the food does not come out of his nose when he eats, which makes him sick. link
  • WildCats Rescue (Queensland) Donated 20 cat bowls for mum-cats and kittens
  • Disabled cat Yazzle who has rear paralysis due to a car accident, chronic constipation and chronic urinary tract infections Donation towards getting a cat wheelchair. link
  • Ingrid’s Haven – No Kill Cat Shelter Donation supporting the “The Philadelphia Project” – a place for caring for FIV+ cats. link
  • Unweaned Kitten Rescue Network (Queensland) Donation towards a cat’s surgery to fix urinary problems in order to improve adoption chances
  • Animal Alliance Donation for a burnt kitty
  • Wildlife Rescue & Protection
  • Lort Smith Hospital (Melbourne) Donations, featuring cats for adoptions
  • University of Melbourne Veterinary Hospital Media support
  • Geelong Animal Welfare Society (GAWS) Donations, volunteering, Cat Pen sponsorship, Rabbit Pen sponsorship
  • Saving Animals From Euthanasia (SAFE) (Western Australia) Media support
  • Complete K9 Solutions Pet rescue and pet behaviour event
  • Lanai Cat Sanctuary (Hawaii)
  • Villa Kitty Bali (Bali)
  • Cat Cafe Melbourne Sponsoring an one-eyed cat, the cat cafe’s resident
  • Cat Cafe Adelaide Media support
  • Alley Cat Rescue (USA) Media support for Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program
  • Geelong Animal Welfare Society (GAWS) Donation for a surgery for a blind dog Liza so she can find a forever home. link
  • And more…

We Will Support More Cats In Need!

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