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Ozzi Cat – Australian National Cat Magazine – Issue 9 | SPRING 2014

Ozzi Cat Turns 2 Years with This Spring Issue!!
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UPDATE: Thanks to our readers and separate kind donations this issue will already be donating $200 to cat rescues! Help to make this help bigger!

Ozzi Cat - Australian National Cat Magazine - Issue 9 - Spring 2014

What’s Inside?

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Ozzi Cat Magazine Issue #9 (Printed Copy) - (SOLD OUT)
Ozzi Cat Magazine Issue #9 (Printed Copy) – (SOLD OUT)

(SOLD OUT) For a Cat Lover! Cat stories, cat health and care, cat products and giveaways. Supports Australian cat rescue groups.


Ozzi Cat Magazine Issue #9 (Digital Copy)
Ozzi Cat Magazine Issue #9 (Digital Copy)

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What’s Inside This Issue?


Ozzi Cat - Australian National Cat Magazine - Issue 9 - Spring 2014

A sneak peek at what’s in the Spring Ozzi Cat Magazine:

  • Cover Cat: Adorable April The Cat. Being dumped on a road in a closed carrier, how she became a local star that warms everyone’s heart. One Melbourne suburb’s vet clinic cat.
  • Asthma in cats. Or is that an allergy? Turns out it can be something different! Learn what that is PLUS easy-to-folow everyday steps to prevent that.
  • WIN ME! Our regular giveaway of a cute free gift. It is so simple to participate and get one. Don’t miss out!
  • Cute cat-themed product finds for true cat loving souls – good as gifts to pamper yourself or somebody you love.
  • Hot Topic: Feral cats in Australia – Companions or Killers? Maggie, Director of Communications and Development at Alley Cat Rescue, urges you to read the latest on what is going on in Australia. Follow her one simple advice to make a difference for cats today!
  • Special & Special Needs Cats: Salem The Cat, Frosty The Frozen Kitten, Joey Roo with no front legs, and Happy Feet! Lovely fur babies are making your heart smile.
  • Unusual friendship – Meet a cat who rides a horse! Morris and Champy are Aussie stars. Read about their life and how it all has started.
  • Custom cat cake tops for your kitty party! Ozzi Cat’s Editor and a cat mum Natalie shows how you can turn your party into an amazing kitty day with fantastic cat cakes! (And it’s very easy to do!)

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  • Standing Cat Greeting Card
  • Adorable Toread Notebook
  • Cat Cafe Opened in Melbourne
  • Purr-fect Stories – Cardinia Library’s Cat Day for Kids
  • April: Hoppers Crossing Vet Clinic Star Cat
  • Upper Respiratory Infections: Is It Asthma Or Allergy?
  • Maine Coon Kitten And A Child With Autism
  • Morris & Champy: Unusual Friendship Of Cat And Horse
  • Salem The Cat
  • Joey Roo: Born Without Front Legs
  • Frosty: The Frozen Kitten Saved By Miracle
  • Lieutenant Dan: Tales Of A Paralysed Kitten
  • Happy Feet: Twisted Legs
  • From Loved Companions To Vilified Killers: Falsely Accused Feral Cats Receive Death Sentence (What TNR Is And How You Can Help)
  • Your Fur Babies & Cat Friends
  • Port Macquarie Animal Welfare Service Inc.
    Greyhound Angels Of Western Australia.
    Mornington Peninsula Community Animal Shelter.
    Second Chance Small Animal Shelter.
    Armadale Community Animal Rescue Group.
    Bast Cat Club.
    Pets Without Partners Animal Rescue Inc.
    Victorian Dog Rescue.
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