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Manya The Cat. Inspired the Ozzi Cat - Australian National Cat Magazine

Hi, I’m Natalie, a founder of Ozzi Cat.

Here is my story:

I am a giver, helper, and a saviour, with burning passion for making good and bringing value to the world. I get my energy from helping and supporting others.

I went through a lot with my cats, especially with my diabetic cat Manya, who was my fur baby, who saved my life, and who was the reason I lived. She was my best soul mate for many years until I lost her to cancer.

I inspire people to see cats in a beautiful light who they are, to be strong in tough times and to carry on. You are not alone.

Many amazing people helped me in various situations with my cats. I’m forever grateful and I share the kindness further – I encourage people to do good for cats in need and to support those who care for them.

My cats deserve the best. I empower cat parents with essential knowledge on how to make cats happy.

Why am I doing what I am doing? Cats gave me and still give me a lot.
I am giving back to cats.

By providing value to cat parents and sharing a joy of being a cat lover, I create what benefits cat and what allows me to donate for cats in need. My final goal is to donate $10,000 per month for cats in need. I move towards my goal.

From my enormous love for Manya,
I devote my life to serving a greater good for cats.

I had enormous love for Manya. I remember the day she died. Minutes after we had to say the final good-bye forever, I went out of the animal hospital and looked up. It was a warm sunny day, September 20, 2011. I could not hear anything what was happening around me. I was only hearing the light wind flying through tree tops and the sound of leaves it touched. I could hear only that. It felt if like Manya has dissolved in the enormous blue sky above me. I raised my hand towards the sky and I immediately could feel the warmth from her paw. Like if she was there. Everywhere. I still remembered the smell of her fur warmed by the sun. She disappeared, and became… everything. Years later, one day along my journey, I suddenly realised that Manya did not left me alone. She gave me the whole new world which I spread my love into. The world of gorgeous cats and amazing people who do astonishing things for cats. This was my new world that I redirected my love into. This is the world I live in nowadays. And I am dearly thankful to my cat Manya, for gifting me this new world, the world full of tender love and care for cats.

Natalie Krotova,
Ms Cat, Cat Mum, Editor-in-Chief at Ozzi Cat – Australian National Cat Magazine.
Special and Special Needs Cats Ambassador.

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