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Ozzi Cat Mission

Manya The Cat. Inspired the Ozzi Cat - Australian National Cat Magazine

In this page:

  1. What Is Ozzi Cat Magazine?
  2. Mission. Why I’m Doing This.
  3. How Ozzi Cat Achieves Its Mission
  4. Our Values and Beliefs
  5. Manya The Cat – Feline Muse Inspired for Ozzi Cat Magazine
  6. Who We Already Helped
  7. Join Ozzi Cat Family!

1. What Is Ozzi Cat Magazine?


Learn. Love. Help. Cats.

The aim of the Ozzi Cat Magazine is:

  • To help cat rescues by donations from each sold copy of the magazine.
  • To save cats from being abandoned by providing information and sharing cat owners’ personal stories so others can learn from them and don’t feel alone.
  • To celebrate love for cats and to help cat owners to keep their cats happy and healthy by sharing the best advice on care and cat behaviour and by covering the best cat products.

Ozzi Cat’s activities include not only publishing a national cat magazine, they also cover other cat-related areas. Everything we do, we do for cats. Our goal is to help cats and cat rescues. Cats Are Our Family.

(Cat rescues and cat causes we supported, total donation from Ozzi Cat Magazine)

2. Mission. Why I’m Doing This.


I Want To Help Cats. Because They Deserve It.

Ozzi Cat stands for the supportive love for cats.

Millions of cats die in shelters across Australia. We can change that by addressing what is causing that in the first place. Everyone of us is responsible: cat shelters, cat owners, passers by, law makers, cat haters. Everyone. Including us. Through support and genuine understanding, by reacting, educating, showing the way, by understanding cats, we change things for better. For better society, for being proud to be called humans again. For cats. We save cat lives, protect cats, and make them live a happy life.

If at least one cat’s live is saved, if at least one cat does not get abandoned to a shelter, if at least one cat owner learn at least one useful thing for their cat, if at least one person learn how to make a difference and to help cats, if at least one cat rescue gets helped as a result of what we do, then we are on the right track. And we can repeat it to help more.

Natalie Krotova, the Founder of Ozzi Cat

3. How Ozzi Cat Achieves Its Mission


We help cats by providing relevant information and helpful solutions to cat owners.

Ozzi Cat makes the difference in the cat world!

  • Educate on cat well-being – Give advice and sufficient information to cat owners, cat lovers, and everyone interested in cats, on cat care, cat health, cat history, local cat information, and Australian specifics. Suggest options on emergency situations and cat behaviour.
  • increase a positive cat profile – Provide engaging, fun, and positive experience to people who are interested in cats.
  • Provide national welfare information support – Increase awareness about cat welfare situation in Australia.
  • Offer timely support on cat-related questions – Address questions, fill-in information gaps, fulfill interest in cats among people who are interested in cats. Provide options for critical situations.
  • Be a role model – Highlight and acknowledge work of cat rescues, volunteers, organisations and businesses supporting cats. Promote adoptions, make people feel comfortable about special needs cats.
  • Provide effective tools to rescuers – Learn and share experience of other groups including international rescue organisations. Share materials and knowledge in specific areas of operation.
  • Educate young people on cats and cat care.
  • Decrease the number of homeless stray cats. Decrease the number of cats surrendered to the shelters.
  • Increase the number of cats adoptions. Increase the return of lost cats to their homes.
  • Increase Australian cats’ life quality.

4. Our Values and Beliefs

One cat can’t change the world but WE can change the world for one cat.
Never stop doing little things for others. Sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts and lives.
Small acts, when multiplied by million of people, can transform the world.
How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. (Anne Frank)
Success – is to leave the world a bit better.
If you are lucky enough to have it, then money is like manure. It might sound like I’m full of sh*t, but hear me out! If you let money pile up, it starts to stink. But if you spread it around, then it can do a lot of good. (Richard Branson)

5. Manya The Cat – Feline Muse Inspired for Ozzi Cat Magazine


Manya The Cat. Inspired the Ozzi Cat - Australian National Cat Magazine

The creation of the Australian National Cat Magazine “Ozzi Cat” was inspired by Natalie’s Manya The Cat, a little tiny tuxedo cat-girl who went through an exciting and tough life journey and taught her human mum Natalie how to live enjoying every second, how to push the boundaries, and how to be very strong while believing in miracles, which do happen. One of that miracles is You. Join us! And you will never be alone, and the cat world will sparkle of miracle you will do.

6. Who We Already Helped


Ozzi Cat provides financial and information support to cat-related causes, special needs cats, cat events, people and organisations that do fantastic things that benefit cats.

We volunteer whenever we can, we help cat lovers to pass their goods and money donations to cat rescues. We educate ourselves on cat health, cat behaviour, animal welfare, marketing and other things, to share our knowledge with cat owners and cat rescues, so they can learn and apply.

We donate $1 from each sold copy of the Ozzi Cat Magazine. List of cat rescues that received donations from the Ozzi Cat Magazine.

7. Join Ozzi Cat Family!

Understand, Celebrate, and Support Cats

Where cats are family – Keep hearts purring
Together we will help more cats. Help us to help cats:

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