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Paralysed Kitten Recovers On Underwater Treadmill (Aqua Therapy)

A kitten fell down from a third storey and injured his back. He could not walk as his legs got paralysed. Aquatic physical therapy helps the kitten to walk again.

Paralysed kitten - hydrotherapy - underwater treadmill

Due to an unfortunate accident, the 5-month-old kitten fell from a third storey onto concrete. He broke his front paw and the jaw. Due to a spine injury, his legs got paralysed. The kitten could not walk on his own.

The kitten rehabilitation resulted in a huge vet bill, “price of a new car”, but the owner did not give up. The kitten had a surgery on his front paws, a fix for the broken jaw, and he started an aqua therapy to help his paralysed back legs.

The kitten has been slowly getting stronger in his back legs. Six weeks after the accident, the kitten makes his steps in an underwater treadmill.

He still needs help, but his young age helps with the healing process. The kitten’s owner expects him to have a full recovery in a few months.

Hydrotherapy (Aqua Therapy) For Cats

Hydrotherapy, or aqua therapy, is an aquatic physical therapy which can help a paralysed cat. Water treadmills and specially designed water pools are used in pet therapy, helping cats, dogs, and horses.

This type of rehabilitation might be not the most favourite exercise for cats, but it helps muscles and joints to recover. Water helps a cat to reduce its weight, so it’s less pressure on joints. During aquatic exercises water provides more resistance than air, so cat’s muscles work.

A paralysed cat may need to be on a water treadmill several times a week. A vet physiotherapist will advise whether it’s an appropriate exercise for your specific case, and whether other physical therapy might benefit your handicapped cat.

Photo by / Via: limes_limes_limes
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