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Cure A Cat’s Boredom With A Fish Aquarium

March 12, 2013 by Ozzi Cat Magazine in Cat Care

Cats and aquarium

An indoor cat is known to get pretty bored of their surroundings pretty quickly. My cat’s boredom me so much that I started to worry about her having deep depression from her small living area. People think that cats are completely fine living in small apartment lifestyles but I disagree. Cats are suppose to be able to run rapid through the outdoors and chase things on a daily basis. They are designed to kill small rodents and whatever they can get their hands on.

The apartment that I rented was fairly descent sized, but I could tell that my cat wasn’t happy anymore. She loved to hung and kill small rodents. Without the hunt in her life she basically became lifeless. It tore me apart inside to see an animal not happy with their living arrangements. It kind of reminded me of the animals in the zoo somewhat.

I Needed to Find A Cure Quickly

Any true animal lover is hurt when they see their pet is sad and depressed. It was killing me to see my young feline live unhappy. Hours of research and brainstorming wasn’t getting me much further in making my cat happier. I had some faith in some of the ideas that were attempted. The laser pointer lasted for a couple of weeks but ended after that.

What Do Cats Love?

I knew the basics that cats loved small rodents, fish, and chasing small like prey. I decided to get a small fish bowl to excitement with the idea of having an aquarium. I went to my local pet store and decided to start very small by getting one make betta fish in a one gallon jar. The specialist informed me that it would be very simple to care for and easy to manage. I was anticipating on how my feline was going to take on this idea.

The New Guest to Our Home

I put the jar with the fish inside of it on my kitchen counter. The minute my kitty got a glimpse of that beautiful fish inside was the minute they fell in love. My cat enjoyed the fish much more than I ever anticipated. She would literally sit in front of the jar for hours watching it. It was then that I knew I was getting an aquarium and stepping up this scene.

A Ten Gallon Tank with Goldfish

I got a fairly descent sizes tank that was ten gallons and got three goldfish. It was enough room for the goldfish to really enjoy the free space and they did a lot of swimming around. I made sure to get a fish stand that my cat could lay on and next to the tank. Being that close for the feline would be special and I knew that.

A year later as of today, I am so happy I decided to get my cat a fish aquarium. She loves it and sits and watches the tank while I’m at work during the day. I’m a happier person now that I know my cat has more spark and some animal friends to our apartment. Fish and cats can be great friends.

Cat and aquarium

About the author:

Chris W. works with Fishinn Post and loves to write about animals night and day. Animals need more care then they are getting by some.

Photo by: Enrico, S. Carter

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