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5 Basic Important Things To Know About Your Cat Health

July 31, 2012 by Ozzi Cat Magazine in Cat Care
Orange cat is drinking water

Orange cat is drinking water

How much water should a cat drink? Is your cat obese?
Some cat owners know a lot about cat health care, they could be even familiar with rare and special conditions.
Some other cat owners do not know much about cat health care.

What are that basic things an average cat owner should be familiar with?

How Much Water Should a Cat Drink?

As a common rule, a cat should drink approximately 20-40 ml of water per 0.5 kg of body weight per day. It is about one or two cups of water for a 5 kg cat.

Cats that eat canned food drink less water because canned food contains a high % of water in comparison to dry food.

How Much Water is Too Much?

If a cat drinks more than 20-40 ml per 0.5 kg per day, that is considered excessive. Such intake can be a sign of some diseases, such as diabetes or kidney disease.

Is My Cat Obese?

Black cat and fat tabby cat

Black cat and fat tabby cat

One way to determine if your cat is fat is to look at his shape.
A cat of a healthy weight has a slightly hourglass shape. His waist tucks in slightly below the ribs.

Fat cats have abdomens popping out the sides. There are also enlarged fatty areas on either side of the tail base and over the hips. A fatty area can be found on the neck and front of the chest.
When an obese cat walks, he may have a classic waddle.

A fat cat is not necessarily a happy cat. His health in fact may be at risk.
He may suffer depression, joint pain, and other health complications.

Why Is My Cat Fat?

There can be many reasons why your cat became obese.
The main reasons are too much food and not enough exercise.

Cats are considered clinically obese if the extra weight is more than 15% over ideal cat weight. When it happens, health risks increase and become more serious.

Cats that have a greater caloric intake over during their lives have the shorter life span. Fat cats are under a higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease, liver disease, diabetes, respiratory disease, orthopaedic problems, and even neurological problems.

To protect a cat, obesity should be taken more seriously. We need to feed and exercise our cats sensibly. It is rather easy in some cases – just play with the cat! This activity burns calories.

Are All Cat Treats Unhealthy?

Some cat treats are fatty snacks.

If you want to spoil your cat without damaging his health, offer the cat fresh cat grass. Some vet doctors recommend giving a little bit of high quality fish flakes, for example, bonito flakes, as a low-calorie option.

That is healthy enough to be fine as a frequent treat-giving which many cats may love.

Do you find this information useful to know for any cat owner?

What are other things you usually pay attention to in your cat health and behaviour?

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