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Do Cats Need Grooming?

Cat grooming - Lion cut

Do Cats Need Grooming? “The truth is they actually need grooming more than some dogs”, says Lexie Goldsmith, a Cat Groomer in Perth Western Australia.

There are a lot of myths out there, like cats groom themselves, cats remove their own hair and wash themselves, cats file their own nails down and more!

Cats lick themselves using the fine papillae on their tongue with help to remove their undercoat resulting in ingestion and fur-balls.

All cats are double coated (those with fur) and this licking is not enough to remove all of the undercoat and oils secreted by the skin. If you do not help your cat by bathing to remove the excess oils and brushing to remove the undercoat, this results in large “mats” or hard balls of fur pulling on the skin causing more problems.

Shedding season depending on the weather, is spring and summer, and if you do not help remove all this undercoat that is dropping or shedding your cat will shed and through the year instead of just spring and summer.

Most groomers will only groom cats with sedation. This is up to you and your cat’s health and age whether or not you choose sedation, it is best to discuss this with your veterinarian. There are very few groomers that will groom a cat without sedation. It takes a lot of skill and knowledge to do so as they are very different from dogs in behaviour, anatomy, and coat type.

Cats can be clipped in a “lion clip” in many lengths to prevent matting, reduce shedding and hairballs and allergies. It is a great maintenance groom to keep you at home grooming to a minimum. Cats can be clipped all through the year as they have a double coat.

If you like your cats coat length and am willing for regular or at home grooming you may choose a brush-out and bath where your groomer can show you the best tools for in between professional grooms.

A professional groomer can help show you what tools and grooming is needed for your cat. It is best to start bathing and brushing early, but it can still be done later in life, it may just need some getting used to. A professional groomer has experience and handling and behaviour and is there to help you and your cat enjoy the process.

About the author:

Lexie Goldsmith is the owner of “Lexie’s Dog and Cat Grooming” and has been grooming cats professionally without sedation for 7 years. Lexie is currently studying to become a Certified Master Cat Groomer at the PCGAA. For more information visit www.happysgrooming.com or on FB.

Photo by: Audrey

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