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How To Make Your Cat Happy. 7 Everyday Things: Will Your Cat Purr Or Hiss?

April 21, 2015 by Ozzi Cat Magazine in Cat Care

Family Cat - happy cat daddy with daughter and a grey and white cute cat

As any feline parent knows, cats are not small dogs! They have very specific needs and desires in order to feel happy and fulfilled. In order to find the path to our kitties’ hearts, we must first understand why they like or dislike certain things. What makes them purr? What makes them hiss?

How to make your finicky feline purr?

1. Purr: Food

There are very few kitties out there that would turn down a good meal. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, 52% of our felines are overweight or obese. Keep your cat lean and content by choosing a diet rich in protein and limiting snacks. Make each treat count by hiding or tossing treats for kitty to stalk and conquer.

2. Hiss: Water

In general, our cats hate to get wet. Felines are meticulous groomers who care for their own coat and skin. Bathing is unnecessary for the majority of kitties. Longhaired cats, or those too obese or frail to groom properly may require routine grooming services. This is best left to a professional.

3. Purr: Beauty Sleep

The average housecat sleeps fourteen to twenty hours per day. As nocturnal animals, it is normal for cats to sleep the day away and become more active at night. Your cat knows how much sleep is right for her so there is no need to be concerned unless her habits drastically change.

4. Hiss: Clothes

Cats are works of art physically; lean, strong and incredibly agile. One of the worst things you can do to a feline is to restrict their movement by forcing them into little outfits that only amuse humans. Not only will your cat hate the experience; clothing on cats can be dangerous if they become tangled in the material.

5. Purr: Environmental Stimulation

Housecats are not lions, but they aren’t too far removed! Cats are independent, natural born hunters who live to stalk and kill their prey. Rather than releasing rodents and birds into your home for kitty to practice on, provide stimulation for your cat in a more humane (and clean!) way. Try interactive toys, window seats for gazing at the critters in your yard, or even television programs designed to draw cats in. If you do have a feline that you allow outdoors, remember that they pose a huge threat to small animals and even other cats. Feline outdoor excursions should be monitored for your pet’s safety and the safety of other animals.

6. Hiss: Belly Rubs

Our canine companions flip over for a belly rub at every available opportunity, but our feline friends are not so eager to expose their vulnerable tummies. Cats have retained their predatory instincts over the years, and their defensive responses remain intact as well. In the wild, the soft belly is a cat’s weakest point in a fight. Even if your cat is lying on her back, going in for a tummy rub may leave you with a hand full of teeth and claw marks!

7. Purr: Quality Time With Your Cat

Our kitties know what they like and what they don’t! Observe your pet to find out her individual wants and needs, but remember; what your cat really desires is more quality time with you!

Adorable grey and white kitten | Ozzi Cat - Australian National Cat Magazine

About the Author:

Ozzi Cat Magazine Contributor

Dina Fantegrossi is a veterinary technician and freelance writer. She just celebrated her one year anniversary with her husband, Don. Dina has bottle raised, rescued and adopted cats since she was a child. Among her favorites were Lt. Dan who suffered partial paralysis of his rear legs, and Mr. Magoo, who lost his eyes to a virus. Dina admires the resilient, regal nature of cats. Her business website.

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