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Cat Linus and Cat Ada

Cat Linus laying down on a shelf | Ozzi Cat - Australian National Cat Magazine

Cat Linus laying down on a shelf

T Today I’m very pleased to introduce a cat Linus, a grey and white cat whose photograph has lighten up the article about Top Cat Names in Australia.

Cat Linus

While I was looking for a photograph for the article, my eye and my heart stopped at Linus photo. Why? Because he looked the same as my beloved cat Manya. I just could not resist! I fell in love with that grey and white cat straight away.

Cat Linus lives in Oslo, Norway.
Eirik Newth, his owner, kindly shared a story about his wonderful cat:

Linus is six years old and lives with his sister Ada in Oslo, Norway. Although we live in a peaceful park, Linus is cautious by nature and prefers to stay very close to home or inside. He is a friendly fellow who loves to cuddle up near me (I’m his special human, while Ada has chosen my wife) and purrs when I rub his stomach.

We talked to Eirik about a special tag that Linus had on a photo.
We will write more about this in another article. (Subscribe to get updates)

Cat Ada

I went to Eirik’s photographs of Flickr to have a look at Linus’ sister, a cat Ada. She is a very adorable and lovely lady.

Cat Linus and Ada - a brother and a sister: A pair of adorable grey and white cats | Ozzi Cat - Australian National Cat Magazine

Cat Linus and Cat Ada – a brother and a sister. A pair of adorable grey and white cats

I was sitting and flipping through photographs… And my heart stopped every time a new photo opened. It is just amazing how far cats can live but how similar they can look. (My cat Manya was originally from Russia. It is much closer to Norway than Australia where she lived here last years.)

It was so pleasant for me to look at the cat Ada photos.
She is such a cute little fur baby! I would love to hug her and her brother cat Linus one day!

Cat Ada: Curiously looking at something | Ozzi Cat - Australian National Cat Magazine

Cat Ada: Curiously looking at something

I would like to say a personal additional thank you to Eirik for photographs of Linus and Ada when they were kittens:

Manya found me when she was about a year old. I have never seen her a kitten. Thank you Eirik, Ada photographs allowed me to see how Manya could look like at her kitten age. Thank you so much for this wonderful and magic experience!

Just look at cats Linus and Ada, aren’t they cute at their kitten age?

Kitten hides behind a monitor | Ozzi Cat - Australian National Cat Magazine

Kitten hides behind a monitor

Grey and white kitten climbs a leg | Ozzi Cat - Australian National Cat Magazine

Grey and white kitten climbs a leg. (I think it

Adorable grey and white kitten | Ozzi Cat - Australian National Cat Magazine

Adorable grey and white kitten. (I think it

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Photo by: Eirik Newth
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One Comment

  1. astronewthApril 22, 2012 at 5:44 am

    Oh, how nice to see them presented like this! Linus is relaxing right behind me at this moment, while Ada is sleeping in her private space (our clothes closet). She’s quite a different personality from her brother, more adventurous, a much more capable hunter and also the BOSS of the pair. 

    Although she is smaller than Linus, she does not hesitate to nudge Linus aside from his food when she’s finished with hers. She wakes me up every morning around 5 am, either by purring very close to my face (I’m a light sleeper), scratching on the door or the curtains, or by licking my hair (weird, I know, but that’s cats for you!)

    Although not so much a people cat as Linus, she still likes to be petted and is nice to everyone – except me. When Ada was a kitten I let her scratch and bite me when we played, and ever since she’s seen this as a carte blanche to play rough with me. Never anything serious, mind you. :)

    And yes – I did notice the remarkable similarity with your Manya. The white face stripe is quite common among Norwegian house cats, but the dark grey coat – that’s what really does it. It’s quite a rare colour here, and makes them really stand out. 

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