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How to Clean Cat’s Eyes – Video Instruction on How to Clean Cat’s Eyes

March 18, 2014 by Ozzi Cat Magazine in Cat Care

Cute cat with odd eyes - blue eye and yellow green eye

How many times you had to clean your cat’s eyes and you had a question on little things. If it’s your first time on cleaning the cat’s eyes, you may have even more questions. I went through quite a few video instructions on how to clean cat’s eyes and found the best one for you. Learn basics of caring for cat’s eyes and watch a simple-to-follow instruction from veterinary surgeon Elaine. Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

Basics of Cleaning Cat’s Eyes

  • Ensure there are no loud noises around and your cat is not stressed. Relax your kitty by stroking her and talking in a calm voice.
  • Use boiled cooled water of the room temperature, unless your veterinarian advised a special eye cleaning liquid.
  • Get a clean cotton wool or gauge, and dump it into water.
  • If the discharge from the eye is dry, soak the eye with the cotton ball. You might need to do that several times until it gets softer. Do it gently.
  • Put the cotton wool on the corner of the eye. Keep there as long as the cat feels comfortable. This will help to soften the discharge so you can wipe it.
  • Gently move the cotton wool starting from the corner of the eye towards the ear, going all the way along the eye.
  • Don’t use excessive pressure. (Try this at home – close your eye, put a finger or a cotton wool on the eye and swipe. It will give you an idea on what a cat is feeling when you clean the cat’s eye.)
  • Change the cotton wool frequently.
  • Once the discharge has gone (or majority of it), get a dry cotton wool and wipe the eye and the area around it.
  • Before moving onto cleaning another cat’s eye, clean your hands, change the water, use clean cotton wool. This is to prevent spreading any infection from one eye to another.

Video Lesson on How to Clean Cat’s Eyes

Thanks Dr Elaine and Scratching Post for preparing this video!

How do you find this video instruction? Is it easy to follow and informative? What other video instructions on how to care for a cat would you be interested in?

Tell us about your experience with cleaning the cat’s eyes in the comments below.

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