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Cats and Cars: How to Make Traveling With Your Cat Easier

March 4, 2013 by Ozzi Cat Magazine in Cat Care, Cat Info

Cat in a car: Travelling with Cats

Pet travel doesn’t have to be an absolute nightmare, and you can travel in the car with a cat without any problems. Whether you are planning a long road trip across country or you just need to travel with your cat for 30 minutes, the following tips on cat travel by car may be helpful.

Stop Motion-Sickness In Its Tracks

If your little fuzz ball suffers from motion sickness, then it might be a good idea to talk to your vet about motion sickness pills before you travel for long hours in the car. Motion sickness can be a horrible and even traumatizing feeling for cats if they have never experienced it for hours on end. Just think of how you felt the last time you were nauseous, and then imagine you could not ask for symptom relief. Symptoms of cat motion sickness can be crying out in distress, urinating, immobility, vomiting and drooling. It’s best to be prepared so that both you and your cat can travel with ease.

Practice Makes “Purrfect”

It is a good idea to do practice runs with your cat. Try taking your cat along with you for short drives while you’re doing errands, or just drive around the block for a bit. The more your cat is used to traveling in the car and the sooner they get a feel for it, the less of a problem it will be when the big road trip occurs. It will also help your cat understand that not all car rides lead to a horrible vet visit.

Feliway is the Right Way

Purchase some Feliway and spray it around your car about half an hour before you leave. This new spray mimics the same pheromones that cats leave behind when they are cozy and stress-free in their own territory.

Rescue Remedy Eliminates Stress and Fear

Nowadays, it is possible to buy Bach Flower “Rescue Remedy” for cats, and it helps to calm down your cat down during stressful moments. Place a few drops in your cat’s water before setting off on a car travel adventure. Other treatments for travel can slow a cat down, but this herbal remedy keeps them functioning but in a more confident and calm manner. Now that you have some tips on how to travel with your furry best friend in the car, you can start planning your next road trip. Pet travel can be a lot of fun if your cat is calm and at ease. Once your cat is used to traveling by car, don’t be surprised if you have to put a harness on him. Some cats love to trek around the car as though it’s undiscovered territory, and may even try to get under the pedals.

About the author:

Jen loves animals, she’s been working as a vet assistant since grade school helping her father at their family vet business. She enjoys traveling and writes on several travel sites like Hertzcarsales.com

Photo by: Kelly

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