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Feed Your Cat The Right Cat Food

Cat naps near a cat food box

This title at a glance seems like something that is quite simple and most people would feel they buy the right food for their cat. However when I visit my local pet shop to buy cat food I always seem to be asking myself the same questions about the brand or the price or even the ingredients. So I’m sure that other people are wondering what cat food suits their cats. I am going to try help you make an informed decision next time you are buying cat food and if you uses this method and answer these questions you should have no problem choosing the right cat food.

Q1. What Age Group is Your Cat In?

This is a very important aspect you need to address when picking the right food for your cat. You need to find out if your cat fits in the kitten, adult or senior category. When you have done this you have now narrowed down your search for cat food. The reason for looking at the age is because different age groups have different requirements; kittens need more protein than adult or senior cats because they are constantly growing and moving. This is the similar for senior cats, as they don’t need high protein because they just want to maintain a steady weight and the energy requirements are lower.

Q2. Wet or Dry Cat Food?

This is an age-old debate and is a tough one to explain because they both have great advantages and disadvantages. This means that it is down to what you think your cat will like. If you started out on wet food and your cat loves the food then stick with it. However if you notice that your cat won’t eat the dry food then maybe a change is necessary. I know that my cat was not eating the dry food well so I mixed a small amount of wet food in and she loves it and eats ever last mouthful. Some like a combination and others like one or the other however it is down to you and your cat.

Q3. Does Your Cat Have Special Requirements?

Is your cat 100% healthy or does it have any special requirements. These requirements could mean more oil to enhance the coat or maybe your cat has a skin condition? Well whatever the requirement food can sometimes have a positive or negative impact on this condition. Be sure to check out the specially formulated foods to help cure the condition. The big brands spend a lot of money researching what is best food wise for your cat’s conditions so trust them and hopefully your cats special requirement can be helped.

Q4. Cheap vs. Expensive Brands

Again this is hard because I don’t know how much money you can afford to spend on your cat’s food. However if you can afford the big brands then buy them because they have spent huge amounts of time researching the best foods for each breed and age group so they are the experts and know what they are doing. If you can’t afford the more expensive ones try and do some research and compare ingredients because not all cheap brands are bad.

About the author:

My name is David and I am definitely a cat person. I have always had cats and enjoy writing about any cat related topics. I also get to work with different animals as part of the team at Equipet Stores.

Photo by: Eddy Van 3000

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