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How to Stop Cat Coming and Peeing in Yard: Help Angie

September 29, 2012 by Ozzi Cat Magazine in Cat Behaviour, Cat FAQ
Cat Hoovie on the fence | Australian National Cat Magazine - Ozzi Cat

Cat Hoovie on the fence

Cats are curious by their nature and love visiting neighbours’ backyards for various reasons, don’t they?

We usually initially welcome them “Hey, kitty kitty”, “What a gorgeous boy!” But the appreciation of their visit can suddenly fade down once we find out that the lovely visitor peeing in our yard and it’s rather smelly! We suddenly find ourselves thinking of how to stop the cat coming and peeing.

We all like cats. What we usually don’t like is cats coming from somewhere to use our gardens as their chosen bathroom.

Angie, a lovely person from Ozzi Cat Facebook community, is now experiencing results of somebody’s (or a feral) cat visiting her back yard and using it for its needs.

Angie tried some solutions to stop the cat, but it did not work.
What would be your advice to Angie?

Angie writes:

I have one Tom cat keeps coming into my back yard and sprays. It has covered my BBQ cover, car tyres, walls, back door with pee. My backyard beginning to smell like a cat urinal. I have cleaned most surfaces with vinegar and that cat came back with a vengeance! It sprayed even more areas. I’ve tried using a product called Scat but it doesn’t work. Any ideas what I can do to stop this? Not sure if the cat is a stray or someone’s cat.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I personally had a similar issue. Periodically the BBQ cover was sprayed. It took some time to figure out that it was not our own cats doing this, but another cat. Luckily for us, one day it stopped. I think it’s because one day the cat suddenly noticed us (and we him, the first time!), he was obviously shocked and looked very surprised seeing somebody but him visiting the back yard. What we also did, we started to be more persistent in not letting our cats to have the backyard as their bathroom. (Not that they were using it for that purpose all the time.) I think this is what worked in our case.

Some funny advice on how to stop cat coming and peeing in the backyard (that I heard from lovely cat people) was to get a catapult or to get big guard dogs!

Cat Ruby sitting on the fence | Australian National Cat Magazine - Ozzi Cat

Cat Ruby sitting on the fence

So what would be your advice to Angie?
How to stop a cat coming and peeing in the backyard?

Post in comments or on Ozzi Cat Facebook wall. We will pass your advice to Angie!

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