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Ozzi Cat Helps Cats In Need

OZZI CAT’S DONATIONS & PHILANTHROPY Natalie Krotova, the Founder of Ozzi Cat has been helping and supporting cats in need her whole life. Since starting Ozzi Cat and Ozzi Cat Magazine, she organically applied her donation and philanthropy activities to her business. She continues helping cats locally and around the world in a loving memory [...]

Is Cat Café Melbourne Worth Visiting? Cat Lady’s Sneak Peek + Tough Questions Answered

The Cat Café Melbourne opens for public on July 30 2014. It is a day special for many Australian cat lovers and Melbourne visitors. Is the Melbourne’s cat cafe worth visiting? Many people expressed a few concerns regarding kids and not being able to adopt cats from the café. Here what I have to share with you and I will answer to the common questions people had. (Plus heaps of cat photos from the cat cafe!)

Melbourne Cat Cafe Opens in July! 2 Reasons Why We’re Proud of Them

Fantastic news for cat lovers! Melbourne Cat Cafe opens in July 2014, if everything goes as planned! And here is why we are excited:

Giant 15kg Cat Surrendered to Geelong Animal Welfare Society

A lovely but extremely obese 9yo cat Toby was surrendered to GAWS (Geelong Animal Welfare Society).

Donate to Australian Cat Rescue and Cats in Need

Ozzi Cat’s Pot of Love helps cats in need. We send money donations to ethical cat rescue groups to support cats in their care. Money cover vet bills, food, bedding, and other costs involved into making the rescue kitties happy and helping to find them forever homes. Ozzi Cat aims to donate $10K each month [...]

Help GAWS to Warm Cats This Winter

How to help cats and dogs at Geelong Animal Welfare Society (GAWS)? See how to keep cats warm this winter.
Do you have a spare or old blanket? Bring it on. Have an towel and are looking for a chance to get something new for yourself? Bring it on too.

Ozzi Cat Magazine: Issue #4 | Winter 2013

Ozzi Cat Magazine Issue #4. Australian National Cat Magazine for Cat Lovers. Awesome cat stories, cat and kitten photos, breed feature, cat rescue profiles, people making a difference, fantastic offers and giveaways for everybody who loves cats!

Photographer Olya Tutova Helps 2nd Chance Cat Rescue

Do you love looking good on photographs? So imagine how an awesome cat photograph makes a difference in a cat or kitten life! Here is how pet photographers help Australian cat rescues. And we are proud to have one of them on the Ozzi Cat team!

What Makes a Successful Pet Adoption Day

One day I was lucky to be a part of a very successful Adoption Day. It was overwhelmingly successful! To reflect on what could make that Adoption Day a success, this is my take from that and other adoption days Ozzi Cat team helped at.

Ozzi Cat Magazine: Issue #2

Ozzi Cat Magazine: Issue #2. Awesome cat stories, amazing cat and kitten photos, breed feature, cat rescue profiles, people making a difference, and fantastic offers for every body who loves cats!

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