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Ozzi Cat Magazine: Issue #2

November 20, 2012 by Ozzi Cat Magazine in Issue, Ozzi Cat Magazine

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Ozzi Cat - Australian National Cat Magazine - Issue 2 - November 2012

$1 from each sold copy is donated to cat rescues and cats in need. Nominate a cat rescue by adding a “Note to Seller” in the PayPal payment page (it will be below your shipping address). Check the shipping address as the magazine will be sent there. Questions? Need help?
Thanks to everyone who already ordered Ozzi Cat Magazine Issue #2! Together we were able to donate $50 from the Issue #2 copies. This was donated to 2nd Chance Cat Rescue Keep making a difference!


Ozzi Cat Magazine Issue #2 (Printed Copy)

Ozzi Cat Magazine Issue #2 (Printed Copy)

Cat stories, cat health, and everything cats, for every cat lover!
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Ozzi Cat Magazine Issue #2 (Digital Copy)

Ozzi Cat Magazine Issue #2 (Digital Copy)

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    All Things Cats
    Magic Story: Do Cat Fairies Exist?
    3 Steps of Flea Control
    7 Reasons to Spay/Neuter
    Frisky Felix
    How My Furbabies Found Me
    My Cat Changed My World Furever!
    Dahlia – My World
    2nd Chance Cat Rescue
    Little Paws Kitten Rescue Association
    Geelong Animal Welfare Society (GAWS)
    Rescue Cat Art – Home of The Pawcasso Cats
    Useful Cat Contacts and Information
    Brain Stimulator
    Cozy Bed
    Plus a FREE custom hand drawn cat bookmark!
    Pixel Pet Photography Plus an awesome offer, save $100!
    Awesome cat drawings
    Feline Friends. Tales from the Heart Plus an awesome offer, 20-40% OFF!

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About Australian National Cat Magazine – Ozzi Cat

Ozzi Cat is a local Australian cat magazine for all cat lovers and owners. If you love cats and have cats under your care – Ozzi Cat is for you! All your cat loving friends will enjoy having a copy of Ozzi Cat magazine! Ozzi Cat magazine talks about everything that makes you and your cat happy and features awesome people and organisations that make a difference in an Australian cat world!

Published in a compact A5 format which makes it so easy to take it with you anywhere you go (and to have a sneak peek at awesome cat and kitten photos to brighten your day!)

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