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Is It Safe To Kiss A Cat? How CET Virbac Enzymatic Cat Toothpaste Can Help

August 12, 2014 by Ozzi Cat Magazine in Cat Care, Products

Cat Mum Kisses A Kitten

Have you ever wondered whether it is safe to kiss a cat? What is safer: kissing your cat on the lips or a peck on the head? Here is what vet doctors say:

To Kiss Or Not To Kiss A Cat?

Some cat owners might think that a cat’s mouth is more hygienic than a human’s. According to Vetwest Animal Hospitals, humans and cats have similar bacteria in their mouths. At the same time cats’ mouth contains bacteria that causes gum disease.

Vet doctors suggest:

  • Not to kiss your cat on the lips.
  • A peck on the head is a safe way to show your affection to the cat as you have a less chance of disease.

How To Keep Cat’s Teeth Healthy

To keep your cat’s mouth healthy, you can brush cat’s teeth with a cat toothpaste.

Slowly introduce the toothpaste to the cat by first allowing to lick it from your finger. Then a few days later apply the cat toothpaste to cat’s teeth. It is ok for a cat to swallow this cat toothpaste.

NEVER give a human toothpaste to a cat as it is toxic for cats! Use only a special cat toothpaste. Read handy tips on keeping your cat’s teeth healthy in Ozzi Cat Magazine – Issue 8.

CET Virbac Enzymatic Dog & Cat Toothpaste

Photo by: themetapicture | Source: Vetwest Animal Hospitals | The above product link is our partner link
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