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Ozzi Cat – Australian National Cat Magazine – Issue 22 | SUMMER 2017

#1 Australia’s Cat Magazine! Cat Behaviour Problem Solutions, Cat Training, Product Recommendations.Cat Places, Cat Stories, DIY & More. For Loving & Caring Cat Parents! OZZI CAT MAGAZINE · ISSUE #22 What’s Inside This Issue? Ozzi Cat helps and donates money to rescue cats in need. $1 from your magazine copy is donated to a cat [...]

Ozzi Cat Helps Cats In Need

OZZI CAT’S DONATIONS & PHILANTHROPY Natalie Krotova, the Founder of Ozzi Cat has been helping and supporting cats in need her whole life. Since starting Ozzi Cat and Ozzi Cat Magazine, she organically applied her donation and philanthropy activities to her business. She continues helping cats locally and around the world in a loving memory [...]

Unique Cat Experience: The World’s First Cat Friendly Aquarium At SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium launches The world’s first cat friendly Aquarium. Cat cafes are on the rise in the world and in Australia, but SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium decided to take a step further and to launch a new experience not only for cat lovers, but for cat parents – the world’s first Cat Aquarium and Kitty Snorkel Experience.

Ozzi Cat – Australian National Cat Magazine – Issue 10 | SUMMER (Christmas) 2014

Best Christmas Gift For Cat Lover – Ozzi Cat Magazine (Christmas Summer Issue #10) “All I want for Christmas is You!”, says the famous song and we can say the same about this amazing Christmas cat magazine. With the issue’s theme topic “Cat Cafes” you will travel trough several countries and get an insider’s peek [...]

International World Cat Day! Celebrate Cat Companionship!

What do cats and cat lovers celebrate on August 8? An international World Cat Day!

Just Adopted Tabby Cat Tilly Saves Family From House Fire In Melbourne

A family from Blackburn, Melbourne’s East, is saved after avoiding a house fire thanks to a hero cat Tilly who warned the owner, 7News reports.

Hero Cat Saves a Child from Aggressive Dog Attack

It’s not something you expect to see in a sunny day when your child is peacefully playing in a front yard. Roger Triantafilo shared a video of his family cat saving his son from a dog attack in Bakersfield, California.

Why Most Cat Lovers Think They Are Cat Mums and Dads (And Do Cats Agree?)

If you have a cat and love and care for her, you are most likely to call yourself a cat parent. Many cat owners consider themselves cat mum and cat dads, me including. Being a “cat parent” is not just words, it’s a way of living with and feeling about your cat. While a few (usually not-that-cat-loving) people get angry about others referring themselves a “cat parent”, cat lovers know that it’s a correct term to describe their beautiful bond with their “fur baby”. So while we think of ourselves as cat mums and cat dad, is that what our cats think of us?

Amazing Rescue Stories: Hero Firefighters Saving Cats & Pet Alert Sticker

Amazing cat rescues happen thanks to ordinary people. One of them are firefighters. Risking own lives, they safe lives of others. Watch two special cat rescue videos that will make your heart melt! I almost cried and felt SO proud for amazing firefighters rescuing cats. Hats off to people making a difference! Watch this touching videos and share what you think.

Ozzi Cat – Australian National Cat Magazine – Issue 6 | SUMMER 2013

All Ozzi Cat Magazine Issues | Annual Subscription $1 from each sold copy is donated to cat rescues and cats in need. Nominate a cat rescue by adding a “Note to Seller” in the PayPal payment page (it will be below your shipping address). Need help? Ozzi Cat Magazine – Summer Issue 6     [...]

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