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Is a Cat Stroller a Good and Safe Way of Walking and Travelling with a Cat?

February 25, 2014 by Ozzi Cat Magazine in Products

cat stroller - Australian cat blog - review - Ozzi Cat Magazine

Do you need to take a cat for a walk or to transport the cat? There are many ways to do it safely. Is a Cat Stroller a good and safe way to walk with your cat? Below you will find out about:

  • When You May Need a Cat Stroller?
  • Cat Stroller – Good or Bad Idea?
  • Watch Video – Cat Mum: Inside of a Cat Stroller
  • Watch Video – Cat Dad: Cats on a Walk in a Cat Stroller
  • Where to Buy a Cat Stroller?

Let me notice this: Indoor cats have a safe life. With enough enrichment provided, cat toys, cat exercises, they live a happy life indoors. No risk of being hit by a car, or bitten by a dog or a bee. If your cat is an indoor cat, there is no need to push the kitty outside.

When You May Need a Cat Stroller?

If you want to show off your cat to the neighborhood, to be honest, I don’t think it’s a good enough reason for stressing the cat. It’s all about the cat, right?

If you are an elderly person and there is no one to help you with taking your kitty to a nearby veterinarian, a cat stroller can be an option. I know myself how it is difficult to carry heavy cats in cat carriers especially if you are not a tall or not a strong person. A cat stroller can be a good option in this case. (Make sure the vet office have a space for a stroller.)

See the video below on how a cat stroller looks like inside.

When a cat stroller can be useful? Share in comments below.

Cat Stroller – Good or Bad Idea?

If you want to allow a cat an outdoor experience, there are a few safe ways to do it. Following our recent conversation about a cat stroller on our Facebook page – whether it is good and safe for a cat, I did a little research. Here are my findings on things to consider before and during using a cat stroller (Add yours in comments):

  • Not all cats will like a cat stroller.
  • Cats need time to get used to new things, you need to be patient to see if your cat like a cat stroller as a “stationary thing” – let the cat explore the stroller, don’t rush, avoid unpleasant sounds and scary movements. Give it time.
  • Cat strollers have different designs – check the differences, think about cat safety and comfort. Get a stroller designed for cats.
  • If your cat is calm, a cat stroller can be fine for them if they like it. If your cat is active or hyperactive, it’s not recommended to use a cat stroller as it’s a confined space. The cat will be stressed.
  • If you take a cat for a walk in a stroller, start slowly and do short walks. Avoid noisy areas, areas with cars, kids, and dogs. Always check how your cat feels.
  • How to choose a cat stroller? Size – The inner space should be large enough for a cat to sit and lay down. If you are going to take two cats – it should be plenty of space for both of them.
  • How to choose a cat stroller? Privacy – If you have a scared cat, don’t take them in to the stroller at all. Curious cats may enjoy more sides opened to their eye. Ensure there is a tented space in a cat stroller where the cat can hide if he wants.
  • How to choose a cat stroller? Safety – If a cat jumps out of the cat stroller while you are in a street, it will not be fun. Prepare for this situation. Cat stroller mesh should be strong enough. Some strollers allow to open the mesh. A stroller with a mesh that opens can be used at home as a cat bed.
  • Always take water for your cat in a stroller!
  • Just in case, have a cat leash ready with you.
  • Think again about this experience – is it more for you or your cat?

Watch how one stroller looks like from inside, along with two nice cats and their lovely cat mum!

Watch Video – Cat Mum: Inside of a Cat Stroller

Here is how one model of a cat stroller looks like inside. I love how the cat mum, Melissa, treats her kitty who is in the stroller! With love, respect and understanding! This is exactly how the introduction should be done – no stress and watch if a cat likes it. Use treats and toys to make a cat get used to a cat stroller.

Watch Video – Cat Dad: Cats on a Walk in a Cat Stroller

Watch this amazing cat daddy – he is so gentle with his cats. I love how the cats like the cat stroller.

Where to Buy a Cat Stroller?

Here are a few designs of a cat stroller. Click on the pictures to see more details and to browse more cat strollers:

1) Sturdy cat stroller:
cat stroller - STURDY PET STROLLER

2) Cat trolley stroller, can be used as a cat backpack:

3) Cat pram stroller:
cat stroller - CAT PRAM STROLLER

If you get a cat stroller, send us a photo and share your experience!

Disclaimer: Above are our partner links. They help us to support cats in need. It does not cost you anything additional. Thank you for your support!

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